Clonakilty Dental Centre


Examination & cleaning                               70 euros

Consultation                                                  50 euros

Hygienist                                                        60 euros

X-ray                                                               10 euros

Amalgam fillings -                                  small 80 euros

                                                             medium/large 90 euros

White fillings -                                       small 90 euros

                                                                 medium 100 euros

                                                                 large 110 euros

Inlays/onlays                                        350 euros


Extraction                                                      80 to 90 euros

Surgical extractions                                     100 euros


Dressings                                                        80 euros

Acrylic dentures                                          450 euros

Cobalt-chrome dentures                          895 euros

Posterior crowns                                         800 euros

Anterior crowns                                           850 euros

Root canal treatment                                  350 euros                    

Teeth whitening:   

Tray whitening                                   now 250 euros


 Written quotations available on request for all treatment

Childrens Fees

Examination  12-17 yrs old                                    35 euros

Examination  <12yrs old                                         25 euros

Fillings of baby teeth                                                80 euros

Extractions of baby teeth                                       60 euros

Fillings of adult teeth                                                80 euros

Extractions of adult teeth                                        80 euros

Fissure seals                                                     30 euros



Medical Card Patients

We accept new and existing medical card patients.

·        Medical card patients are entitled to one examination a year not including cleaning. Cleaning costs an additional 40 euros and can be requested.

·        If you wish to come in every 6 months the cost of an exam and cleaning privately will be 70 euros.

·        Routine treatment such as fillings, extractions and root canal treatments are available also although the number of fillings allowed is limited.

·        More complex treatment such as dentures are no longer available

·        Any cosmetic treatment can be paid for privately

·        Only patients aged over 16 with medical cards ending in ‘A’ or ‘B’ are eligible under the scheme

·        Patients are asked to bring their medical card details to each appointment

·        If patients do not have their medical card they will be asked to pay for their treatment and will be refunded on production of a valid medical card





To qualify for benefit you must satisfy certain PRSI conditions. Only PRSI at Classes A, E, H and P count.

  If you are:

 You must have at least:

  Under Age 21

39 paid PRSI contributions since first starting work

  Age 21 to 24

39 paid PRSI contributions since first starting and either:

39paid or credited PRSI contributions in the relevant tax year or,

26 paid PRSI contributions in both the relevant tax year and the previous tax year

Age 25 and over

260 paid PRSI contributions since first starting work, and either:

39 paid or credited PRSI contributions in the relevant tax year or,

26 paid PRSI contributions in both the relevant tax year and the previous tax year


To see if you qualify, check or for more information phone the Treatment Benefit Scheme on LoCall 1890 400 400 (Ext 44480)        


If you satisfy the PRSI conditions when you reach age 60, you will remain qualified for life.


Dental Benefit pays some of the cost of different dental treatments:

PRSI Treatment Offer 

Eligible patients are entitled to a subsidised check up and cleaning once every calendar year. For all of 2018 there is just a 10 euro charge for check-up and cleaning for eligible patients.